Passion for FootGolf...


The first ball from Belgium.

We have created the very first Belgian ball especially for the sport of FootGolf.


for the sport.

A team of FootGolf players and ball experts have joined their forces.
As result, the"La Caleta" has been created.


Why create
a new ball?

The existing futsal an soccer balls do not copy at all the needs for playing footgolf.


La Caleta at Hasselt!

The first impressions on the court of our new design.

Unique FootGolf ball..

Why La Caleta?

Our European team of specialized ball developers together with international FootGolf players designed this ball and offers it for sale.
The team has the intention to sell a decent footgolf ball at a democratic price that will impress you on the court. 

Bart Slechten
CEO & Sales

Bart Slechten is an ambitious businessman based in Belgium …
He was part of the selection of the BFGA team at the Worldcup in Marrakesh, the EK in England and will be at the WK of Japan. As President of FGWSB, the first footgolf club in Belgium, he has the moto “FootGolf fun for everybody”.

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